Workshop on Psychophysical Development of
Baby and Family

Coming 2018 to Austin!

Co-directed by Margery Segal and Mark Taylor



This Family Somatic Movement Therapy Program provides psychotherapists, birth professionals, healthcare providers, parents, expecting parents, caregivers and childhood educators with a psychophysical model for supporting development. Infants first experience the world in relationship to their parents and in context of the conditions and environment of their parents’ lives. New mothers and fathers have the potential to redefine themselves as people when their children enter the world, and tend to view the world differently through the lens of parenthood. This co-educational process of becoming parent and becoming child occurs first through the language of movement and touch. 

Learning acquired through movement and touch is the foundation of more complex neurological development. While parents and caregivers of infants are often aware of supporting their children through language, reading, and cognitive skills, they are much less knowledgeable and aware of how they can support their child’s motor development from conception through the first years of life. Skillful adult facilitation of motor development will allow children to explore the world and fulfill their potential.

Courses and topics included in the program will be:

  • The role of the senses and perceptual processing in development, attachment, and bonding
  • The Basic Neurological Patterns: automatically developing motor patterns that form the vocabulary of normal movement and influence brain development
  • Reflexes, righting reactions, and equilibrium responses
  • Attachment theory and practice
  • The role of neurobiology in development
  • Embryology
  • Pre/Perinatal-Birth-Attachment Therapy and how to apply this 
  • The importance of eliciting delight in the process of parenting, caregiving, and being a child. 

    Mark Taylor RSMT, SEP, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner is the Director of Body-Mind Movement Training Programs in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil

    Margery Segal LPC, RSMT, IDME, PPT, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner is the Director of Whole Movement Center and has been teaching Somatic Movement and Pre/Perinatal/Birth/Attachment Therapy in the USA, Brazil, and Australia

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