I was thinking:

so this is how you swim inward,

so this is how you swim outward,

so this is how you pray.

Mary Oliver

About the Practice

You want to connect. 

There is a way that you know yourself to be or an image of who you want to become that holds your highest value – if only you had a pathway to access it.

Maybe the past intrudes, or your relationships don’t thrive, your body has let you down somehow, or a family member’s health needs have depleted you – but something even deeper inside you is aching to fulfill your birthright of living life fully and bringing all of yourself into a life where the light gets in.

You believe it’s important to work with a therapist that has been through the hard places themselves and believes in you and understands your journey.

There’s an audible click when you feel understood by someone. It’s as if the whole room settles down and you can hear yourself think. Or if they name a truth that has been peeking out from the soil for years but only now can you see it, hear it, give it a voice and a home in your psyche.

The Body-Mind loves to be paid attention to and our inner truth loves to be named.


At Whole Movement Center, I take the time to listen to what your Body-Mind is wanting to express. I ally with you and we go on the journey together.

A place of incredible beauty opens when we sync up somatically with our own humanness. So much of our innate goodness is revealed through these gentle body awareness inquiries – our desire to survive impossible situations, our desire to protect our younger selves and those we love, our anger at injustices, and our desire to stand up for justice, honor and integrity when wronged.

I get to share this gift everyday in my therapy practice at the Whole Movement Center: the inherent wisdom of our unique psycho-physiology that can thrive after hardship. Much as plants are imprinted to grow towards the sun and birds to fly homeward in Spring, our hearts and minds can create a new imprint of profound wellness.

Change is a natural state. 

If you’re ready to begin creating the kind of change you want, call 802-324-1731.

About the Therapist

Before becoming a movement therapist and psychotherapist, I was a professional dancer, choreographer, and theater artist who founded a dance company and directed a yoga and bodywork studio.

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with a specialty in development and Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Therapy. I also have a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

Among my other training and certifications, I am:


  • Body Mind Centering® Practitioner
  • Licensed Professional Counselor
  • Registered Somatic Movement Therapist w/the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association
  • Infant Developmental Movement Educator®
  • Certified Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Practitioner
  • Somatic Experiencing provider
  • Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher for all ages
  • Advanced Bodywork Therapist
  • Skinner Releasing Dance Technique® Educator

I draw from all of these disciplines to work with any person who wants to overcome pain or restricted movement, seek recovery from trauma or stress, or become more fully connected with their own body and authentic self.

I also specialize in attachment, birth, birth trauma, adoption, developmental, and prenatal and perinatal issues. I am passionate about supporting and working with individuals and families with children with special needs.

I began dancing as a young child and continued expressing myself through that voice until I became a professional dancer. I danced more than I spoke.

I always watched the way people, animals, and plants moved. In the world of dance, a subculture existed of explorers; they were unearthing connections between the mind and the body that were revolutionary. I had the desire, determination and good fortune to study with these articulate genius-innovators.

Through my child’s journey, I explored (on my hands and knees) the developmental tasks that formulate the foundation for a dynamic sense of self and the ability to relate to others with fulfillment and equanimity. I experienced a profound letting go through my whole body – tissues, bones, fluids, mind and movement – that allowed me to be much more present and enlivened.

I came away with many questions, most of all: “When does learning begin?


This led me to investigate prenatal development and the discovery of our early consciousness and the particular way we learn inside the womb and how this relates to how we move and think and bond outside the womb. At this stage of life, all is pure potential.

I love my work, because I get to work with children and adults through the languages of the body, and the body is a place of hope and inspiration.

Even when the mind has said, “I’m sad” or “I’m depressed,” the body still hopes someone will listen or sit near by and hold them with their eyes, or offer them comfort, or ease their way through past traumas and grief into presence.

The body is an expressive artist with many things to say and many tones and colors. No matter what has happened and what is going on, the body speaks—and in listening, the places of pure movement and mind potential can come together to begin a new way.


This has been my journey, and I look forward to sharing this every day with the people I’m honored to work with.

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