Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy

. . . huge reverence and respect for the intelligence of the body.

Excerpts from an Interview with Steve Haines, author of ‘Cranial Intelligence’ October 7, 2013 at

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is an amazing way of touching people. At its heart, it’s an entering into a relationship with another human being, but using touch as the way of exploring that relationship or supporting the body of the other person to move towards health.

Two big ideas are at the core of Craniosacral Therapy; one is that there is an intelligence and self-regulating principle at the heart of the human experience. Our bodies are always striving for health and trying to optimize their balance, and they do that very intelligently. There are millions of years of evolution behind the processes and flows and movements in the body, and we’re trying to access that. One of the cranial maxims is the creative forces from within are far more powerful than any blind force that we can apply from the outside. It’s really about kind of getting out the way, giving the body a chance to rest and recuperate, holding a mirror up to the body. So putting our hands on areas that are out of relationship, that are tight, painful, and just reminding them they can move differently and not be fragmented, but the whole nervous system, all the control mechanisms in the body, can engage and sort of reignite processes of healing that might have been frozen or overwhelmed due to stress or lack of time.

‘The creative forces from within are far more powerful than any blind force that we can apply from the outside.’  Steve Haines

So (it’s) an intelligent self-regulating system, the other big idea for me is that there’s all sorts of rhythms and pulses; we’re breathing, our heart’s pounding, our fascia actually is contracting, our muscle tone changes when standing as we are constantly swaying to help us deal with gravity, neurons oscillate in the brain, there’s flows of lymph and blood and much bigger rhythms; circadian rhythms, rhythms of maturing, and dying, and sexual cycles. We have a whole rhythmic quality in our body and I would say these rhythms coalesce to give us moments of coherence, a deep pulse you can feel expressed throughout the body. That’s a profound and defining part of the cranial paradigm; there are subtle rhythms that skilled hands can perceive.

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