Whole Movement Center


"Margery is excellent. I have only met her in a virtual setting and have been amazed by how much I have learned about myself and my children in such a short time. I have felt very comfortable sharing my seemingly shameful issues. Margery is quite compassionate, empathetic and offers wonderful suggestions."

- Traci L.

"Margery has a beautiful gift for creating safe, sacred space to help others drop deeply in with themselves. She brings a loving, compassionate presence, a playful spirit and a creative passion to all she does. Margery’s wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise has offered me many opportunities for new insights, discoveries, and wisdom that has inspired many areas of my life.”

– Elissa Shapiro, LCSW and Movement Facilitator

"I am a licensed professional counselor with extensive training and experience in the field of trauma. I have been trained and certified in various somatic and experiential modalities and have worked with clients for over 15 years. The Whole Person Training series has rocked my world! (and I’m not even finished with the series) Through this training I have processed my own intrauterine and birth experiences – this has been personally transformative in so many ways. I have also gained the skills to do this with my clients. I have been able to sense more deeply into my body than I ever thought possible. I have found it wildly powerful to reconnect to the ways in which my body first moved – embryological movement. This primitive movement is the foundation for everything – regulation, connection, healing, and growth. These are just some of the things we learned, practiced, and embodied in this training. I was able to integrate my learning in my professional practice immediately. Margery and Mark create such a safe and rich learning space. They model and embody everything they teach – it’s truly magical. I simply can’t recommend this training enough!"

- Bettina Shultz-Jobe

“Margery Segal’s practice is therapy and touch akin to washing in a mountain spring...I know when I walk from her doors, we have dissolved the boundaries between careful attention and action. My life is now more than I could expect.”

- TIM H.

"What a lovely experience! Margery created a magical place where I immediately felt safe to explore my connection with self and others through movement. It was fun and profound. I am forever grateful."

- Jackie B.