Couples Therapy

What is your deepest need in your relationship?

Is your voice being heard?

Do you feel safe in the relationship?

I work with couples from an attachment-based orientation to heal underlying issues that get in the way of true intimacy. I can help.

Are you ready to  deepen the attachment bond between you?

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Working with me, you will


  • Create a resonance of love and safety that will enhance and nurture both people. Safety–safety both to connect and to be your own person–is the foundation of secure attachment. Experiential exercises will help you seek safety from your partnership and become more present and loving .
  • Learn to safely express feelings with each other. Through practice, you will learn tools to help you work through conflict without blaming and shaming each other. You’ll learn how to co-create agreements rather than running old unilateral patterns of control.
  • Develop effective co-parenting strategies that work for both parents. An attachment-oriented approach helps us explore the origins of your parenting beliefs and transform them into conscious parenting choices that truly represent the kind of parent you want to be today.

Parents coaching

Help for parents when you are in distress!

I believe all parents need encouragement and information when times get tough.

I can offer appropriate methods to help you help your child. Are you reacting to your child’s behavior instead of feeling clear and intentional about your interactions? Do you feel disconnected or always worried? Much of how we parent is based on the early attachment style we learned from relating with our own parents. In our work together, you will get clear on what is and is not working based on your early patterning, learn new skills that do work, and grow and develop personally while you discover how to change your parenting from the inside out.

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