Whole Movement Center


Welcome to The Brilliant Woman’s Body Recovery Eight Week Program.

You have made an excellent choice because we are going to have so much fun and go deep together. There are eight lessons built around body parts. I have a background in Experiential Anatomy, so the body is a jumping off point to the psyche. Our psyche was developing before we could speak so the body-mind work we will do together draws on the preverbal as well versed.

What’s most important is that you take these eight weeks as a time for you. A time to focus on yourself, and to learn how to listen to your body and what it’s telling you. The confusing part about aging is your body feels different than it used to feel, so learning how to work with your changes and use them to your advantage, a crazy notion by most standards, but one we’re going to embrace here, instead of working for ‘more and harder” we’re going to be using a martial arts concept that this as if we can soften into our movement and move towards our changing body, we can learn to truly sense, feel, balance, and match our own vital energy-doubling our potency.   My goal with this course is that you become stronger, more enlivened, and vital, while discovering your own power and increasing your capacity for joy.

What is your goal? This is not a weight loss group or a one standard of beauty group or a be nice and suppress your deepest feelings group.  This a group for discovering who you are right now by getting to know your body from the inside out. Did I tell you that learning to move from the inside out is a whole game changer? Once you understand how to move from the inside-no one can tell you what’s right or wrong; it will be your way-a way that is always and continuously right for you.


Let’s go!