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Intention setting

Intention setting

Many years ago, due to injuries I had lost the ability to jump. As a dancer, I felt limited in my expression and in my joy. I decided that I wanted to jump again. So, I did this meditation every day. There’s a way this meditation works, it’s not like someone reaches out and hands you what you want all at once. But the idea is that you open to receiving all the information available in the universe through all the ages that humans have been around and that when you set your intention, you’re able to recognize and receive the information you need to transform whatever needs to be transformed so you can achieve your intention. I want to say I said achieve your intention but really, it’s much more like now, you can receive your intention in all your cells. I I found that when we become unified with the universe inside and outside and there’s a fantastic meeting that occurs. So after about six months I was able to jump and leap, yes, I had to practice, and yes, I had to find the most perfect dance form that allowed me to work completely differently in a way that didn’t hurt my knees and gave me great strength and freedom, but I was ready, and I was able to recognize it for the gift it was once it fell into my lap.

I want to you to have this experience!

It can be good to get quite specific with your intention. So, here’s your chance to discover this beautiful process and here’s your meditation.


Intentions are powerful!!!!!

Please choose an intention for these eight weeks.


  1. I want to open my heart
  2. I want to feel good when I move
  3. I want to accept myself more and more
  4. my intention is to re discover my joy for living


Please enter your intention here  (insert link) and please write it somewhere you can see it every day


Once you have your intention, please join me in this meditation:  (insert link) click here to listen to it and do this every day and enjoy