Whole Movement Center

Intro to our 8 Week Daily Practice


Let’s dance!

Put on your red shoes and dance awhile…

Here’s the Daily Practice:

What would you give to feel better, to feel more alive, to feel well, more? Yeah, this is the part where there’s no free lunch but lots of freedom. This is the part where we need to have a daily practice to notice ourselves.

So, I want you to dance everyday for ten minutes.

You don’t have to plan it. It can be in a chair if you are in a wheelchair or in a bed if you are bed bound-but dance for at least 10 minutes every day. You can play your favorite music or dance to the wind rustling dry leaves. Wake up the cells. And if you are a mover already don’t plan your movement ahead of time. Follow your desires as you go.

Then write about it. 10 words or more.

If you miss a day, just get back to it. This practice is for you so you can track your progress through the course. It will become like having a conversation with a good friend. And as we go through the course-you will get more and more clues and inspirations to bring into your dancing moving glorious self.