Whole Movement Center

Lesson in embodiment: why it works, why it’s profound, and using somatic and embodiment practices to develop your brilliant sense of self



I am going to use the terms somatic and embodiment interchangeably– but really, we could say loving yourself, loving your body, or sensing what’s going on from the inside and outside simultaneously.  As you grow and develop in this somatic embodied practice you might just feel your skin when you touch it or when someone else touches it but as you develop your skills, you can feel the fluids moving through your body or your heartbeat, or the quality of your muscles and organs. If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know you can feel your bones– but there’s many more types of feelings because our bones have such a huge nerve supply- so we can feel when we put weight on our bones and our bones respond by growing. A big part of aging, especially as a woman, is doing movement that keeps our bones working in relationship to gravity. It’s part of the problem with going out into space for astronauts, they lose bone mass, and they need to come back to earth and rebuild up their bones because our bones are developed to work in relationship to gravity.

The body is interchangeable with the earth. Our bodies are made for us to live in congress with the earth and nature. We need this relationship to be well. We have nature inside our body and that nature that’s inside our body needs the elements of gravity and wind and rain and oxygen and light and the darkness of nighttime to be well. Many of the diseases that afflict us when we’re anxious have to do with being out of sync with nighttime and daylight and with this foundational sense of being supported by the earth and the rebound of gravity. Often in anxiety we have the sense of not being grounded. The emotional statement “Being grounded” is literally being grounded into the earth. Many acupuncturists recommend that we go out and stand on the grass for 20 minutes a day if you’re having trouble sleeping or having trouble feeling a sense of being received, welcomed, and supported. The earth can receive us.

So, I’m inviting you into a process that has to do with diving deep inside so you can be more in touch with your relationship both within your body and out into the world. There’s something called being oriented in space which is fun when it’s working for you but when it’s not, we feel dizzy and out of touch and unstable This can happen if we’ve had a big change or a big illness or something that’s thrown us off our center. But we can come back into a resilient relationship with ourselves and with the earth’s elements and the elements of our solar system like the moon, the sun, the tides, and the four seasons (if you have four seasons, I think we have three where I live but you get my drift…)


So, I want you to think of your body as a solar system that was once a baby and had to learn everything gently in sequence and hopefully in a kind of endless love. That’s our goal. To become embodied like a baby in a benevolent magical solar system.


By the way, SOMA means body, but whenever I’m talking about the body, I’m really talking about the bod- mind and I am also insisting upon the body mind connection. The division of body and mind can make us feel so alone and numb. A body without a mind is how we become objectified, and a mind without a body is how we lose our soul, so, I believe from my movement research, we are all body, mind, and spirit and I want to welcome you to this unified and celebratory approach.