Whole Movement Center

Moro Reflex Integration


1) Open your arms so your whole upper body startles and arches while simultaneously inhaling sharply. Do this on your own or have someone surprise you with a sudden sharp noise-like a sudden clap. Now move all your limbs in towards your center crossing the arms in front of your chest while exhaling fully. perhaps wrap your arms around a pillow of stuffed animal or snugly person.

2) Now stretch your arms open  all the way and look up ⏤ then round yourself into a little ball

3) You are a baby monkey-your mother sees a tiger below who looks like it might climb your tree to eat you. You startle, gasp, throw your arms back and then quickly reverse directions and  instinctively wrap yourself tightly around your mother’s body as she takes off running through the trees. Did you make it to safety? Play this game with your child.