Whole Movement Center

Big Welcome!!!!

Welcome to this Course!! I am always looking for ways to help myself come out of worrying about my special child and into authentic relationship. As I work with these movements every day-I am finding more ease, acceptance, and love.

This movement work is key for transforming your relationship with your child. I hope it will also open doors to easing your relationship with yourself and your own body and mind. These are key to relating to your special magical intense child in ways that are transformative and mutually satisfying. We all want more fun and more magic. I welcome you to practice with yourself everyday and then slowly ease in your child. This work is generally slow, steady and deep-except when it isn’t..sometimes there are sudden surprising changes too. This work is for the long haul… a year or more for changing ADHD and other special needs and learning styles.

Because these movements are maturing the brain (especially the brain stem-responsible for movement and movement regulation)-think of how long it takes a baby playing on the floor in the first year of life to learn their full range of movement possibilities. Think how long it takes them after that to learn to control their movements and regulate their moods and then learn to express all their thoughts and feelings about it all—-that’s what we are helping our children to do! It’s significant and important–so be patient and consistent and seek to be within your child’s comfort zone. Always bring the Love! Seek to help your child find comfort with pillows and padding and laughter and songs and stories and games. Help them feel successful by giving them lots of encouragement and sharing quiet pride as you see them surmount a previous obstacle and perhaps find their balance in the Brain Tune Ups or you discover they are moving more easily in a rhythmic movement. The small victories are the magic.

Let there always be movement and magic your life.

I hope you will find ease, enjoy this journey and leave with more questions than you arrived with.