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The Heart and a little science

If you have two heart cells in a petri dish they each will be independently beating to their own rhythm. But as they come together and feel one another, they begin to beat to the same rhythm and in the same frequency.  This is what we do when we like someone and we come together-we resonate listening and sending signals to one another from our heart.

Our hearts send out an electromagnetic field of about three feet or more.  We are just beginning to understand this amazing phenomena. For us, it means that when we work with a child, we allow ourself to become heart-warmed from the inside-and then let it radiate to our child, our pets, our plants, the clouds, over the rainbow and up to the moon and stars. Then gently come back into your own full heart and share movement with your child from this loving place.

“The mothers’ developed heart furnishes the model frequencies that the infants heart must have for its own development in the critical first few months after birth”   -Joseph Chilton Pierce

“And the mothers electromagnetic field encodes large amounts of complex information that affect the child far beyond the mere mechanical dynamics.

At the simplest level, how the mother feels about the child, whether the child is wanted or loved is conveyed to the developing embryo through information and coded within alterations of the mother’s electromagnetic field.

Those alterations are specific embeds, and encodes of information that the receiving field of the developing child can decipher just as a radio receiver can decode radio waves.

Because the human heart is born into a situation in which its first functioning’s are intimately involved with information coming from another electromagnetic field, it continues throughout its life to be sensitive to the information in electromagnetic fields.

It gestates, you might say, within this kind of language.

It is the hearts’ birth tongue.

So, throughout life, the heart actively scans fields it perceives, looking for patterns of communication and information.”   Stephen Harrod Buhner

-from The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature