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Intro to Rhythmic Movements

Rhythmic movements

When babies are getting ready to move on land they begin to rock themselves from head to tail, hand to toes, side to side.

They like to be rocked to help their nervous system settle. Rocking also helps build tone in the body. When we have low tone and we are like jello on the floor, it’s hard feel spunky and excited to move. If we are high tone and rigid in our body, somewhat inflexible, find transitions difficult, find change is difficult, then we are lacking a rhythmic underbelly that allows movement to sequence through our bones and heart and tissues and our spine in ways that helps the breath  and perceptions move freely.  Rhythmic movements helps increase core postural tone, or release high postural tone– so we can say it helps to balance tone so that have the most movement possibilities available.

How many of you rocked your children in your arms when they were infants?

And how many of you used/use rocking as a way to settle your child when they are upset or to help them sleep?

How many of you took your children for a ride in a stroller or in the car to help them sleep when they were infants?

How many of you used swings at the park to help your child settle or perhaps you had a swing at home? I remember as an early teenager, going to the playground when my heart was broken and sitting on the swings and singing and swinging as a way to heal my heart.

Do you have any memories like this?