Starting July 10th, 2021 at 9am-11am CST 11am-1pm São Paulo: It's About Love 8 Week Program - Parent & Professionals: Deepen Connections And Increase Your Own/Your Clients’ Capacity For Love, Attachment, And Bonding

Learn The Simple, Gentle Method To Foster More Loving Relationships And Create Healing For Your Family And For Your Clients

Let Body-Centered Psychotherapist, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Educator, and Artist Margery Segal guide you on your journey to secure attachment bonding and connection with your child, if you’re a parent.

If you’re a professional, Margery will teach you a method that embraces the whole child and creates healing for the family.

It’s About Love 2 Two-Day Online Course

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*This course builds upon the lessons from the It’s About Love 1 course. If you haven’t completed that yet, please do so before taking this course. Please also consult your psychotherapist about registering.

"Margery is excellent. I have only met her in a virtual setting and have been amazed by how much I have learned about myself and my children in such a short time. I have felt very comfortable sharing my seemingly shameful issues. Margery is quite compassionate, empathetic and offers wonderful suggestions."

– Traci L.

Did You Know?

… That secure attachment is built in times of distress?

… That when a parent is chronically preoccupied with their own past, their children will feel abandoned?

… That we do not have to repeat the traumas of our past IF we make sense of their impact on our lives?

In the It’s About Love 2 Two-Day Online Course, you will learn about attachment from a child’s perspective — because we were all children when our attachment styles were developed.

Learning about attachment theory and applying it to your life will open up relationships like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

*This course builds upon the lessons from the It’s About Love 1 course. If you haven’t completed that yet, please do so before taking this course. Please also consult your psychotherapist about registering.

"Margery has a beautiful gift for creating a safe, sacred space to help others drop deeply in with themselves. She brings a loving, compassionate presence, a playful spirit and a creative passion to all she does. Margery’s wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise has offered me many opportunities for new insights, discoveries, and wisdom that has inspired many areas of my life"

– Elissa Shapiro, LCSW and Movement Facilitator

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment theory asks us to question all our assumptions about ourselves. It is so central to all our behavior because it asks us to consider how important we are to each other and whether relational qualities are more important than things to us.

Because we humans rely on each other from a very young age, we decide if we will survive based on our relationship to our primary caregiver in our first 18 months. We decide unconsciously if we will survive and/or if we will thrive.

By directly discovering through somatic exercises whether our behavior is in the ‘thrive’ or ‘survive’ category, we can change what we communicate to people we want to have and be in relationship with us.

How I Can Help You

How I work with people is different than what other people teach about attachment.

I learned about it from a somatic embodied embryological perspective, and I learned about it in desperation to help my son recover from being separated from me at birth.

My goal is to help you feel your value as you work through this.

To change your attachment pattern, I believe you have to let yourself miss people, long for people, trust and distrust, and really feel that you are not connecting, not getting what you want out of your relationships, so that you’ll be willing to change your behavior.

It’s not easy being real! But it’s not theoretical.

If you do not have secure attachment to begin with, you will miss signals from people telling you they are available for connection. Conversely, they may be telling you that they would rather bite you. And most significantly, you will miss your own signals.

I would really love to help you connect with your attachment history and re-embody your own attachment patterning and behaviors, so that you will be profoundly moved by your own capacity.

As such, you will learn to move out of static isolation and to mobilize into a colorful variety of ways of inviting and receiving connection.

By joining the It’s About Love 2 program, you will…

Plus these added bonuses

*This course builds upon the lessons from the It’s About Love 1 course. If you haven’t completed that yet, please do so before taking this course. Please also consult your psychotherapist about registering.

“In the sessions, Margery created space for me to connect with my daughter in a joyful, loving and holistic way – giving us precious time together that we miss in our busy lives. She has given me great insights into what motivates my daughter and what triggers some of her behaviors – because, as parents of special needs children – sometimes we lose perspective of our own children in the face of day-to-day struggles. I highly recommend Margery’ services!”

– Lizzie Martinez, Homeopath

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“Margery Segal’s practice is therapy and touch akin to washing in a mountain spring...I know when I walk from her doors, we have dissolved the boundaries between careful attention and action. My life is now more than I could expect.”

- TIM H.

"What a lovely experience! Margery created a magical place where I immediately felt safe to explore my connection with self and others through movement. It was fun and profound. I am forever grateful."

- Jackie B.

“I came to Margery with knee and hip pain that expensive physical therapy hadn’t helped with at all. Working with Margery, I saw enormous improvement, and am now able to sleep, walk, and practice yoga again without pain. For that alone, I’m extremely grateful. But I also got much more that I never expected – a greater connection with and understanding of my own body; awareness and release of old physical and emotional habits and patterns that were causing me pain, and just a greater confidence and presence in my body. It’s been a revelation. I recommend her to everyone.”

- Katherine Catmull, Writer & Actor

“Beyond her education and professional experience, Margery is insightful and thoughtful in her approach to working with moms. I’ve participated in similar programs and was particularly impressed with her offerings – especially the journal topics and third-party resources she provided. Highly recommend!”

– Jennifer Shaw Bonessi

About Margery Segal

Before becoming a movement therapist and earning a Masters in Counseling Psychology, Margery Segal was a professional dancer, choreographer, and theater artist who founded a dance company and directed a yoga and bodywork studio.

She is a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with a specialty in development and Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Therapy. She also holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

Her certifications include Body Mind Centering® Practitioner and Teacher, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist with the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association, Infant Developmental Movement Educator®, Certified Pre and Perinatal Birth Attachment Practitioner, Hatha Yoga Teacher for all ages, among others.

Margery draws from all of these disciplines to work with any person who wants to overcome pain or restricted movement, seek recovery from trauma or stress, or become more fully connected with their own body and authentic self.

She also specializes in attachment, birth, birth trauma, adoption, developmental, and prenatal and perinatal issues. Margery is passionate about supporting and working with individuals and families with children with special needs.


*This course builds upon the lessons from the It’s About Love 1 course. If you haven’t completed that yet, please do so before taking this course. Please also consult your psychotherapist about registering.

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