Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy
for Individuals and Groups

Prenatal, birth and perinatal imprints create patterns that can replay throughout your life.

  • Want to get to the origins of your lifelong emotional and physical patterns?
  • Are you curious about how you or your child were affected while in the womb?
  • Have you experienced a mysterious sense that you might have had a twin?
  • Do you have days when you lose your center or sense of self for no reason–only to return suddenly to your wellness and self two days later?
  • Does your child oppose forward motion when trying to get out the door?
  • Do you collapse right before you get to the end of a project, unable to organize yourself to come to completion?

These may be related to a birth or prenatal imprint.

Our parents’ feelings about big events come right into the womb, where we are vulnerable to them. Often a tragic death or shocking event like earthquake or war that happens while we are in utero can influence us years later. Literature is filled with such references, and they’re backed up by studies of infants born to women whose cities were bombed when they were pregnant during World War II.

Along with influences during pregnancy, the birth process itself lays down patterns in our tissues that create much of what we call our “character.” Exploring both can deepen how a person knows and senses him or herself.

And the good news is this: it is possible to gently repair and repattern these earliest of imprints.

Prenatal and birth patterns often show up in attachment issues. Our primary attachment style begins to form in the womb, is largely formulated in our first 18 months, and continues to be central to all our intimate relationships throughout all of life. That means our foundational language for relating–which either permits love to flow or stymies it through defensive patterning–is formed before we can speak! Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy is optimal for healing early attachment injuries, because it addresses preverbal trauma somatically and holistically.

Good boundaries come from appropriate caregiver protection and attention. For many of us our caregivers, though they did the best they could, could not offer that protection. Through experiential exercises, this therapy can restore the sense that you deserve protection in the world–which can alter lifelong patterns of anxiety and fear, helplessness, anger, acting out, insecurities, isolation, and challenges with intimacy.

Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy respects our original instinct to form loving, secure attachment bonds with safe responsive people. This somatic therapy helps clients better receive love, settle their nervous systems, and form safe, healthy boundaries.

We can recreate our original propensity to love and be loved, to create life and be part of creation.

I give much gratitude to the work of Myrna Martin and Ray Castellino.

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