Somatic Studies Series 2017-2018


 6 for 6  

 Co-taught by Margery Segal and Mark Taylor

An Experiential Embodiment Series 

Individual workshops that are also an introduction to the Whole Person Somatic Movement and Therapy Program: The Whole Person Somatic Movement and Therapy Program trains psychologists and therapists, movement professionals (yoga, dance, martial arts), educators, and body workers to incorporate developmental movement principles into their work. 


1) Refining Presence: Balancing Internal and External Awareness  October 21, 2017    Register here now:

 Stay tuned!!!! Dates coming soon for the following workshops !!!!!!

 2) Intro to Developmental Movement and Body-Mind Centering®  

 3) Embodying Senses and Perceptions 

 4) Intro to the Nervous System: Working with Trauma, BuildingResilience with Body Mind Centering® 

 5) Intro to Birth Processing through embodiment, emotion, and mind 
 6)  Intro to Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy: Exploring Family Dynamics


Mark Taylor RSMT, SEP, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner is the Director of Body-Mind Movement Training Programs in the USA, Mexico, and Brazil

 Margery Segal LPC, RSMT, IDME, PPT, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner is the Director of Whole Movement Center and has been teaching Somatic Movement and Pre/Perinatal/Birth/Attachment Therapy in the USA, Brazil, and Australia

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