Child Focused Family Therapy

Whole Movement Center’s Unique Approach

We emphasize the child’s evolving relationship to their world which includes their parents, caregivers, body, mind, and senses–as well as their own desires for how they want to move through life.

Our Child-Centered Family Therapy is fun but goes deep. It strengthens bonding and connection, enhances emotional intelligence and improves developmental outcomes.

Read more about Child-Centered Family Therapy below. Or if you are ready to help your child and family move forward in life, call 802-324-1731.

Our unique children’s sessions include Developmental Movement Therapy. To read more about Infant/Child Movement Therapy click here.

All Families Want to Provide their Child with Secure Attachment

Did you know that our primary attachment style is formed before we are eighteen months old? In that tender, preverbal time,  we were not able to select and reject from the kinds of attachment available. So it’s no surprise we often end up reacting out of painful childhood history when we become parents, rather than being as thoughtful and loving as we intend. To provide secure attachment, we need to be “bigger, stronger, wiser, and kinder” with our infant or child. Child Focused Family Therapy and Parent Therapy can help you learn how to become the secure parent you want to be.

Labor/Delivery and Birth Trauma Healing for Child and Parents

Birth is a core transformational event of life and death proportions. This makes both you and your infant vulnerable to trauma if anything disrupts safety and connection. At Whole Movement, I work with birth trauma gently and respectfully, honoring your family and the special being you have given life to. Prenatal Birth Attachment Therapy empowers infants, children, and parents to repair trauma and live the resilient life they were born to live.

Premature Birth, Early Hospitalization and NICU Families

Children born prematurely or who require early hospitalization generally experience more challenges developmentally and may struggle with anxious nervous systems and achieving calm, secure attachment.

Often the experience of separation left you and your child lonely and kept you from arriving home together after the birth to a flurry of well-wishes.

Get the joy back–the feeling that all is well in the world–and leave the fear and struggle for survival behind. This will help your child develop and thrive. Child-Focused Family Therapy works with all the tender places of early separation, healing the grief and recreating the high-oxytocin (that’s the love hormone) events of shared wellness and loving attachment. Your child is now free to develop naturally with a new, healthy blueprint.

Foster and Adoptive Families and Children with Insecure or Disorganized Attachment

The first developmental task for children is to feel safe and loved. Once that’s achieved, they can learn, grow and thrive. But often, children who are fostered or adopted–or who have had a disruption with their primary caretaker–have not yet mastered this first stage of development. This interferes with their ability to calm, regulate, and attach securely–and that shows up in the way they relate to others, inside and outside the family. At Whole Movement Center, I work with with families to rebuild the child’s abilities to give and receive care and delight, which is a foundation for all other development. To read a story about a child who successfully made this transition (names and identifying details have been changed), click here.

Children with Medical Conditions

I specialize in helping families with children with medical conditions. Medical trauma can occur for the parents or child from either the condition itself or the treatments. Movement Therapy and Child-Focused Family Therapy’s goals are to help children to release their hard feelings, express their truths, and discover their strengths while supporting optimal development and attachment. The whole family benefits from working together in a positive play-based format.

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